About KAPA International

KAPA International is a Global Sales, Acquisition, Brokerage and Management Company specializing in Personal and Business Aircraft, Luxury Yachts, Exotic and Classic vehicles. The company has 3 divisions which consist of Aviation, Marine and Automotive division. KAPA International is an official aircraft dealer licensed by United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), an official Yacht and Ship broker, licensed by California Department of boating and Waterways (DBW), and an official Motor Vehicle wholesale and retail dealer in addition to being an Auto Broker licensed by California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). KAPA International is fully licensed, bonded and insured authorized to purchase, sell and brokerage any Personal and Business Aircraft, Ships and Yachts of any size, Automobiles, Motorcycles and other land or water Vessels. Please visit and browse through our pages and different divisions in our website to learn more about us and the services we provide.